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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs and Career Paths








Agriculture Management & Production         Agriculture B 4 AAS FA/SP $32,968
Horticulture and Turfgrass Management         Agriculture B 4 AAS FA/SP NP
Livestock Management & Production            Agriculture B 4 AAS FA/SP NP
Precision Agriculture         Agriculture B 1 Cert FA/SP ^$33,072

Academic Transfer, A.A.   

Academic Transfer, A.S. 
Academic Transfer, A.S., Biotechnology Concentration  

Academic Transfer B/L/M/O/Q 4 AA/AS FA/SP/SU  
Accounting    Business & Culinary B/L/M/O 4 AA FA/SP/SU NP
Business Communications     Business & Culinary B/L/M/O 4 AA FA/SP/SU NP
Business      Business & Culinary B/L/M/O 1 - 4 AAS/AA/Dip/Cert FA/SP/SU $33,592
Culinary/Hospitality     Business & Culinary L

1 - 4

AAS/Dip/Cert FA/SP/SU $26,000
Dietary Manager   Business & Culinary O (L)

1 - 2

Cert FA/SP/SU $39,208
Long Term Care Administration     Business & Culinary O* (L) 1 - 4 AAS/Cert FA/SP $50,440
Office Professional    Business & Culinary L/O 2 - 4 AAS/Dip FA/SP $27,144
Adult & Juvenile Services and Corrections    Community & Public Service Q/O 4 AAS FA/SP NP
Criminal Justice   Community & Public Service B/Q/O 4 AAS/AA FA/SP $36,816
Early Childhood Education   Community & Public Service L/O* 1 - 4 AA/AAS/Dip/Cert FA/SP/SU $24,232
Human Services    Community & Public Service L 1 - 4 AAS/CERT FA/SP $27,040
Law Enforcement & Homeland Security   Community & Public Service Q/O 4 AAS FA/SP NP
Computer Information Technology    Computer Technology L 4 AAS FA/SP $47,840
Geographic Information Systems   Computer Technology O (L) 1 Cert FA/SP $38,480
Graphic Design Media Arts   Computer Technology Q 4 AAS FA $30,576
Building Construction Technology   Construction M 1 - 4 AAS/Cert FA $36,608
Design & Drafting Technology   Construction L 1 - 4 AAS/Dip/Cert FA/SP $36,192
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology    Construction M 4 AAS FA $34,632
Land Surveying/GIS/Civil Engineering Technology     Construction M 4 AAS FA $38,792
Plumbing Technology    Construction M 2 Dip FA NP
Technical Skills Instructor   Construction L/M 4 AOS FA/SP NP
Associate Degree Nursing (and LPN-to-ADN option)   Healthcare B/L 4 AAS SP $51,168
Associate of Health Sciences   Health Care B/L/M/O 4 AS FA/SP/SU NP
Dental Assisting    Healthcare L 2 - 4 AAS/Dip FA/SP $35,360
Healthcare Services   Healthcare B/L/M/O* 1 Cert FA/SP/SU NP
Medical Assisting (and HIMS)    Healthcare L 2 Dip FA/SP/SU $30,680
Medical Laboratory Technology    Healthcare L 4 AAS SP $42,848
Paramedic     Healthcare L/O* 4 AAS FA $42,536
Pharmacy Technician    Healthcare L/O* 2 Dip FA/SP ^$27,789
Physical Therapist Assistant   Healthcare L 4 AAS FA ^$46,613
Polysomnographic Technology    Healthcare O* (L) 2 Cert FA $48,048
Practical Nursing   Healthcare B/L/O* 2 Dip SU/FA $36,816
Radiologic Technology    Healthcare L/O* 4 AAS FA $38,376
Respiratory Care   Healthcare L/O* 4 AAS FA/SP $40,976
Surgical First Assist   Healthcare O* 2 Cert FA NP
Surgical Technology    Healthcare L/O* 3 AAS SP $37,648

Electrical & Electromechanical Technology  and 

Electrician Construction - IBEW Option  
Manufacturing M 1 - 4 AAS/Cert FA/SP $44,304
Electronic Systems Technology    Manufacturing L 4 AAS FA/SP $35,672
Energy Generation Operations   Manufacturing M 1 - 4 AAS/Dip/Cert FA/SP $56,056
Manufacturing Engineering Technology    Manufacturing M 4 AAS FA $41,912
Nondestructive Testing Technology    Manufacturing M 4 AAS FA/SP $43,264
Precision Machining and Automation Technology   Manufacturing M 2 - 4 AAS/Dip FA/SP $47,840
Welding Technology   Manufacturing L 1 - 4 AAS/Dip/Cert FA/SP/SU $43,992
Auto Collision Repair Technology   Transportation M 4 AAS FA/SP $31,928
Automotive Technology   Transportation L/M 4 AAS FA/SP $29,744
Deere Construction & Forestry Equipment Tech   Transportation M 4 AAS FA $50,544
Diesel Technology-Truck    Transportation M 4 AAS FA/SP $36,504
Diesel-Ag Equipment Service Tech    Transportation M 4 AAS FA/SP $42,536
Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET)   Transportation M 4 AAS FA $37,752
General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP)   Transportation M 4 AAS FA $37,232
John Deere Tech   Transportation M 4 AAS FA/SP $34,320
MOPAR-Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, FIAT Career Automotive Program (CAPP)   Transportation M 4 AAS Call Admissions $32,344
Motorcycle, ATV, and Personal Watercraft Technology   Transportation M 2 Dip FA/SP $26,832
Professional Truck Driver Training   Transportation M 1 Cert FA/SP/SU $44,408


Locations Offered Awards Offered Starting Terms
B =Beatrice Campus Cert =Certificate FA=Fall Semester (August-December)
L =Lincoln Campus Dip =Diploma SP=Spring Semester (January-May)
M =Milford Campus A.A. =Associate of Arts Degree SU=Summer Term (May-August)
Q = Education Square location (downtown Lincoln) A.S. =Associate of Science Degree  
O =Entire program available online A.A.S. =Associate of Applied Science Degree Call Admissions=Call the Admissions Office for the next start term.
O*= Program offers Web-based courses but requires supervised clinicals/practicums/labs at identified locations. A.O.S. =Associate of Occupational Studies Degree  

Salary information: All salaries are based on a 40-hour work week unless noted. Salary statistics reflect certificates, diplomas and associate degrees for 2018 SCC Graduates.
^ To maintain confidentiality for recent graduates, a three-year average is reported.
NP = New Program, no graduate salary data available.

Please note: Online courses may require proctored exams. Any cost for the proctor is incurred at the student’s expense. Testing Centers located on each SCC campus will proctor SCC courses at no charge to the student. Programs with the computer icon listed as the first location offer courses primarily online. Length in months is the time for a full-time student to complete the program.