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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Health Sciences

Every program of study at Southeast Community College requires students to build a foundation of General Education Learning Outcomes (GELO’s) through courses in the SCC Core as well as required program courses. To complete an Associate of Sciences in Health Sciences degree, students must successfully complete a minimum semester credits from the SCC Core, which can be found in the catalog. Because program requirements vary, students should contact a program advisor to assist with the selection of Core courses, which will meet their degree graduation requirements.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of the coursework in the following areas is required for the AS Health Sciences Degree. A minimum of 60 approved semester credits are required for graduation. Please reference the Academic Transfer, A.S.  course listings for specific courses and electives in each category:

  • Written Communication Credits: 6
  • Speech Communication Credits:
  • Mathematics Credits: 6 
  • Sciences with Lab Credits: 16 
  • Humanities Credits: 3 
  • Social Sciences Credits: 3 
  • One Additional Humanities or Social Science Credits: 3
  • Culture & Gender Studies Credits:
  • Electives Credits: 17

Total: 60 hours

Program Requirements

It is recommended for students seeking a health profession to identify additional requirements for admission to a program, which may include immunizations, references, shadowing, etc.  This information is found on the college website and/or from an advisor at the college you are seeking to complete your health sciences degree.