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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geographic Information Systems

Online (Lincoln Campus)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are one type of geospatial technology that offers a radically different way to produce and use “maps” to manage communities and industries. GIS is a computerized database management system for capture, store, retrieve, analyze and display of geographic information.

Geographic Information Systems technicians assist scientists, engineer and related professionals designing or preparing graphic representations of GIS data, using GIS hardware and software applications, as well as analyzing GIS data to identify spatial relationships or display results of analysis using maps, graphs, or tabular data.

Types of Jobs Available

  • GIS Technician
  • GIS Support Analyst
  • GIS Specialists
  • Cartographic Technician

Program Overview

The certificate program will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and manage Geospatial Technology Information projects and to interpret and implement GIS as a decision support system.

Classes are offered in an online delivery format.

For more information contact:
Dave Zachek, Program Director- Lincoln
402-437-2651, 800-642-4075 ext. 2651

Katrina Patton, Instructor
402-437-2262, 800-642-4075 ext. 2262

or the College Admissions Office
Lincoln 402-437-2600, 800-642-4075 ext. 2600