Jul 01, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Course Syllabus

AGST 1030 - Mobile Off-Road Equipment (MORE) - Classroom

Classroom theory for Mobile Off-Road Equipment Service. Concurrent with or separate from the lab hands on course (AGST 1031). This course is intended for heavy duty construction equipment and will not address recreational off-road vehicles. Class 7 rough terrain lift truck operator certification will be included in the course. Safe operation, construction, function, diagnosis, service and repair topics in this course will be followed by hands-on tasks in the laboratory course AGST 1031. This course is offered through the Continuing Education Division of SCC and is not a program-level course.

Location: M
Credits: 3
Classroom Lecture Hours: 45
Lab Hours: 0
Prerequisite(s): First semester completion of SCC transportation division programs with a 2.0

Minimum cumulative GPA or passing grade in the shop safety pre-test.