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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Life

Residence Life

On-Campus Student Housing

The Beatrice and Milford campuses have student housing available, including new suite-style residence halls. Although primarily for students attending those campuses, it is available to students on any SCC campus or learning center. Preference for housing is given to students enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours). Lincoln campus will have housing available for the 2023-2024 academic year.

SCC recommends living on campus for at least your first year (living on campus is a requirement for student-athletes receiving athletic scholarships). Living in a campus residence hall gives you the opportunity to make lasting friendships by meeting other students outside your Program of Study. You will get the chance to participate in campus and housing activities such as intramural sports, cookouts, pool and ping pong tournaments, casino nights, bowling, campfires, dodge ball, and much more! Living on campus also saves gas and time from commuting.

Once you have decided to live on campus, simply complete the Housing Reservation Contract. Mail it, along with your $150 security/damage/deposit, to the SCC Residence Life address for the appropriate campus at the top of the contract. Residence Life staff will follow up prior to the start of the term with a residence life questionnaire. You are encouraged to complete that as soon as possible to ensure the most compatible placement.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Housing Fees and Deposits

All rooms include Internet access, cable TV and a meal plan at the dining hall.

The refundable security/damage deposit is $150. Cancellations must be made 30 days or more in advance of the term.

Room Costs

  • See the College Costs section for room rates. Room rates are per semester and vary based on residence hall and room style.
  • All semester room rates include a mandatory, non-refundable 14-meal per week food service plan. Beatrice students can upgrade to a 17-meal per week plan for an additional cost.
  • Refund rates for cancellations are defined on the contract.

Beatrice Campus Residence Halls




Homestead Hall

Apartment Style

Apartment Style

Apartment Style

Suite Style

2 or 4 per room (double bedrooms)

2 or 4 per room (double bedrooms)

2 or 4 per room (double bedrooms)

4 per room (single and double bedrooms available)

Beatrice Residence Life Amenities

Those residing in the Beatrice Campus residence halls will have access to the following amenities inside the residence halls:

  • Lounge areas with pool tables and ping-pong tables
  • Large flat-screen TVs with gaming capabilities, computers and a printer
  • Wi-Fi and cable TV in the rooms
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities. Homestead Hall has laundry facilities with a pay-via-app service that also notifies students when the laundry cycle is complete.

Students also will have access to the dining hall, gym, weight room, wellness facilities, full-size gym, sand volleyball, and more!

Beatrice Community Life

The town of Beatrice has several eating establishments, including Runza, Dairy Queen, Taco Johns, McDonald’s, Burger King, and many grill joints, etc. Beatrice also has several grocery stores throughout town, along with movie theaters, a library, a hospital, several medical/dental/specialty clinics, a water park (during the summer months), two golf courses, a YMCA, and countless opportunities for jobs if so desired.

Milford Campus Residence Halls

Prairie Hall Suite Style 4 per room (single and double bedrooms available)

Meadow Hall

Pioneer Hall (overlow)

Suite Style

Apartment Style

4 per room (single and double bedrooms available)

4 max per unit (double bedrooms)

Milford Residence Life Amenities

Those residing in the Milford Campus residence halls will have access to the following amenities inside the residence halls:

  • Lounge areas with a pool table and ping pong table, large flat-screen TVs, computers, and study rooms
  • Wi-Fi and cable TV access in rooms
  • Prairie and Meadow halls have laundry facilities with a pay-via-app service that also notifies students when the laundry cycle is complete.

Students also will have access to the on-campus cafeteria, game rooms, weight room, wellness room, racquetball courts, full-sized gym, outdoor tennis court, sand volleyball court, disc golf course, and much more!

Milford Community Life

The town of Milford has several eating establishments including a Dairy Queen, Pizza Kitchen, Dragonfly Coffeehouse, Mainstreet Market deli sandwiches, Sheri’s Grill, Runza and Casey’s pizza. Milford also has an outdoor public pool open during the summer months, a public library, golf course, pharmacy, medical clinic and a grocery store. The town of Seward (just a 15-minute drive from Milford) has a Walmart, movie theater, grocery stores, bowling alley, a disc golf course, outdoor pool, as well as several eating establishments.

Housing During Semester Breaks

Residents who would like to stay on campus during SCC breaks must receive approval from the Residence Life Manager or Dean of Students. If a resident’s permanent home address is more than 1,000 miles from campus, break housing is available free of charge for short breaks within a term or between terms if continuing (not including the summer break). If a resident’s permanent address is within 1,000 miles of campus, then a daily rate will be assessed (prorated based on the semester rate), if staying on campus is approved. Residents who would like to stay for break housing must sign a Break Housing Contract in the Residence Life Office. By signing a Break Housing Contract, residents agree to continue to follow all housing and college policies during the term break. Residents who have registered for housing for the next academic semester may leave their personal belongings in their room. This applies to all break periods with the exception of the break following the spring semester (exceptions considered for those living on campus for the summer term on a case-by-case basis). The Residence Life Office does not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Residence Hall Life Staff

Each Residence Life Office (Beatrice and Milford) has a manager, assistant manager and a number of resident assistants (RAs) that vary from term to term. The RAs get reduced-cost housing but have responsibilities for student safety and cleanliness and adherence to the SCC Student Code of Conduct and Housing rules and regulations. RAs are expected to treat residents with respect and set a good example for other students and guests.

Housing Rules and Expectations

All residents of student housing at SCC are expected to follow the College Student Code of Conduct which prescribes the basic deportment and ethical expectations of all students. At SCC, we strive to create a culture of respect and tolerance for a wide diversity of opinions but with the understanding that all staff and students deserve respect and a safe comfortable environment for learning. There also is a set of rules specific to students in residence halls, which is more specific to the needs and expectations of students in a campus living community. As such, rules about visiting hours, quiet time, respect for others’ possessions, no fighting, no weapons, no drugs or alcohol apply.

Each student in housing will sign an electronic form indicating that they understand the Residence Life Handbook and SCC rules and expectations. Violation of these rules may be grounds for sanctions up to and including dismissal from housing and/or the College. Sanctions are typically proportional, so first-time offenders receive less severe consequences than repeat offenders. However, certain code violations may be severe enough to warrant serious consequences, including suspension or dismissal from housing or the College. SCC students must also adhere to local, state and federal laws, and SCC cooperates fully with law enforcement to ensure a safe, comfortable learning environment for students.

Missing Student Policy and Procedure

The Missing Student Notification Guidelines are established pursuant to Section 485 (j) of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, and apply only to SCC students who reside in on-campus housing.

If anyone has reason to believe that a student who resides in on-campus housing has been missing from campus for 24 hours, they are required to immediately report their concerns to the Campus Dean of Students at their location:

Beatrice Campus Dean of Students 402-228-8286
Milford Campus Dean of Students 402-761-8270

Law Enforcement Notification

The Dean of Students, or their designee, must immediately refer a missing student report to both the Campus Safety and Security Specialist and the local law enforcement having jurisdiction in the area.

Beatrice Police Department 402-223-4080 Gage County Sheriff 402-223-5221
Milford: Police Department 402-761-2772 Seward County Sheriff 402-643-2359

Emergency Contact Notification

Once a law enforcement investigation determines that a student is missing, the Campus Dean of Students, in consultation with the SCC President or designee, will, within 24 hours of the determination, notify the Missing Person emergency contact(s) identified by the student on their Housing Reservation Contract. If the missing student is younger than 18 years of age and not an emancipated minor, the College will notify the custodial parent or guardian in addition to the emergency contact person identified by the student.

Student Designation of Contact Person

Each student residing in on-campus housing will be required to confidentially register with the College one or more individuals to be an emergency contact strictly for “missing persons” purposes. This information will be accessible only to authorized campus officials and will not be disclosed, except to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation. Students have the option to opt out if they so choose.

Administrative Authority

The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee is charged with the administrative responsibility and authority to develop, monitor and report on detailed procedures and activities designed to implement missing student notification requirements.

Student Life

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities expose students at SCC to the wider world of culture and instill in them an appreciation of art in its many forms. This includes various art modalities such as the visual arts (painting, sculpture, and ceramics), the performing arts (including instrumental music, vocal music and theatre), and creative writing. Students learn how these various disciplines inform us about our world and provide both current and historical perspectives on society and its evolution. We find that students want to learn about the arts and humanities for many reasons, including training for vocations, participating in larger cultural conversations, practicing freedom of expression, honoring cultural legacies as members of global communities, and reflecting upon our shared values and identity.

At SCC, we have dedicated faculty who are eager to help students explore these disciplines. Faculty work with both novice and advanced students to help them explore the arts and humanities and to develop their unique talents. Often, the arts and humanities provide a satisfying complement to a student’s other academic pursuits.

SCC students can experience music in many ways. Our academic music courses support the SCC Core by providing a historical and global perspective on human expression through this medium. Students gain valuable critical thinking and listening skills as they study music from the western classical canon as well as from diverse cultures around the world. Performance courses equip the student to learn new instruments and participate in choral performances on campus and throughout the community.

Theatre production classes are open to all interested students. Theatre students rehearse and perform two productions each school year. When exploring the visual arts, students have opportunities to learn about famous artists from across history and what makes their work compelling.

Art classes at SCC cover topics such as photography, videography, photojournalism, ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic, industrial, architectural, and interior design. We encourage students to visit modern and historical art museums. We sponsor periodic trips to regional sites such as the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha or the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City.

In creative writing, students have the opportunity to take courses that explore the craft through multiple genres, including fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. Students from these courses often submit their work to Illuminations, SCC’s award-winning literary magazine.

Beyond SCC, students are presented with regular opportunities to attend plays and musicals and to see speakers at area colleges and community-based venues in Lincoln, Omaha and the larger region.

SCC has a Humanities club to supplement students’ academic work and for personal enjoyment and expression. This club is open to all students.

There are web pages students can access for information about student life, which includes information on the arts, humanities and cultural activities:

The SCC literary magazine, “Illuminations,” is accessible on Facebook and at the following URL: www.southeast.edu/literarymagazine/.

Student Life Coordinators:

Humanities faculty contacts include:



Intercollegiate athletics at Southeast Community College contributes to student enrichment, enrollment growth and collaboration between the College and the community. The athletic program offers opportunities for student-athletes to participate successfully at a high level in intercollegiate competition while developing skills in teamwork, persistence and the ability to balance academic, social and athletic activities. College athletics offers student-athletes a unique opportunity to represent SCC with honor, pride and good sportsmanship. Intercollegiate athletics is an important part of the Beatrice Campus and brings recognition and visibility to both the participant and the College. Intercollegiate athletics enables the student-athlete not only to continue to use their athletic skills, but it also provides an avenue for the student to pursue and obtain an education that will serve them well after competition.

SCC is a member of the Nebraska Community College Athletic Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). SCC competes in 10 sports at the intercollegiate level, five for women and five for men. Women’s sports: Basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, and volleyball. Men’s sports: Baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, and soccer. The athletic mascot is the Storm. SCC’s athletic participation is governed by the eligibility rules of the NJCAA.

Although the intercollegiate athletic program resides on the Beatrice Campus, students from any SCC campus location can compete for the Storm based on the student’s ability and availability. The majority of our athletic programs compete in NJCAA Division II, Region IX that is comprised of Colorado; east of the Continental Divide, Eastern Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Baseball plays Division I and participates in the Empire Conference. SCC grants a limited number of athletic scholarships for each sport, but scholarships are limited to tuition and books. Athletes are recruited locally, nationally and internationally. Several of the teams have achieved success on a regional and national level and have offered exposure that allows student-athletes to attain a higher level of athletic competition, with many transferring to National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I and II and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics programs.

The Storm’s website, www.SCCStorm.com, provides additional information about the coaches, rosters and schedules.

Southeast Community College also has a student newspaper, the Challenge, that reports on College news, including athletic events. sccchallenge.com


Each campus offers intramural sports/recreational activities for any full- or part-time student enrolled in credit courses. Intramural sports are arranged by the Campus Student Life Office and may include flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, golf, tennis, and racquetball. Each campus also has a wellness center, a weight room and a gymnasium available for student use. For additional information about the intramurals on campus, contact the Student Life Office on the respective campus. Beatrice 402-228-8152. Lincoln 402-437-2630. Milford 402-761-8227.

Performing Arts

College Choir

The College Choir performs a variety of musical styles in concerts on campus and in the community.


Theatre production classes are open to all interested students. Theatre students rehearse and perform two productions each academic year. Productions are held on campus and in the community.

Campus Life

The Student Life Office prepares a calendar of activities and events scheduled on campus. The calendars are available to students free of charge from the Student Life Office or they can be accessed via The Hub.

Commons Areas

SCC provides campus Student Centers where students meet to relax, socialize with other students, or participate in scheduled activities. Each Student Center provides a lounge area, snack area, TV, vending machines and wireless internet access.

Wellness/Fitness Center

Each campus has a Wellness/Fitness Center that is free for students to use. The use of exercise equipment is designed to help students achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Student Organizations and Clubs

At SCC, we believe that an important part of student development includes the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. We encourage students to participate in activities, build new relationships, foster cooperation and responsibility, and develop new skills and interests. Each campus provides organized activities, awareness and prevention programming for students with the goal of encouraging the personal, social, cultural, and/or physical development of students.

SCC recognizes student organizations that will contribute to their intellectual development. These recognized organizations and their individual members and advisors must adhere to the policies and the Student Code of Conduct for SCC. As a public institution entrusted by the Nebraska Community College System and College officials for the purpose of conducting the process of education, activities of student organizations/clubs which are incompatible with the educational goal and mission of the College are not permitted. In order for a student organization to gain recognition from the College, it must have an approved constitution, a recognized faculty/staff advisor and be approved by the Student Senate and the campus administration. Specific guidelines for forming, operating and dissolving recognized student organizations/clubs of the College are available through the Campus Student Life coordinator, and detailed information about organization and club creation and expectations is available online at www.southeast.edu/studentorganizations/.

With the exception of the Campus Student Senates, recognized student organizations/clubs are those groups organized by and for SCC students that operate under the auspices of the College to further academic, vocational, personal, or professional goals, or other self-improvement or social endeavors. These groups are duly registered/recognized college student organizations/clubs and fall within one of three categories:

Category A - Academic: Consists of departmental- or program-related organizations and/or clubs, associations for academic excellence or educationally-related student leadership and/or competition, associated with SCC programs, careers, or degrees, and/or groups related to a career field. One Category A organization or club is allowed per program. These organizations/clubs may be located on multiple campuses and may allow for co-advisors upon approval of the responsible administrator.

Category B - Academic Support: Consists of clubs/organizations which are not program-related yet support academic success. These clubs might be developed to promote leadership skills, recognize academic excellence, or service to the community. The campus Phi Theta Kappa honorary organizations are an example.

Category C - Special Interest: Consists of social, recreational and/or personal development organizations and clubs whose focus encompasses a broader scope involving shared interests in advancing a specific area or personal interest or where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within a larger community and not limited to a particular career field.

Visit www.southeast.edu/studentorganizations/ for further details and a list of active organizations and clubs. In addition to the website, a current list of clubs and organizations will be kept on file with the Campus Student Life coordinator, along with all associated constitutions, members, officers, activities, etc. The Campus Student Life coordinator will serve as the custodian of the organizations and clubs for the respective campus.


Fundraising activities by recognized student organizations or other non-profit organizations may only be conducted with the permission of the campus director.

Student Governance & Leadership

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors develop leadership skills and participate in campus public relations activities. The ambassadors serve as tour guides, admissions assistants and goodwill ambassadors for the College. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, contact Admissions.

Student Senate

Student Senate is the student governing body of the campus, which acts in an advisory capacity and represents students in the College planning and decision-making process. The president of the Student Senate is a non-voting participant of the SCC Board of Governors. The student Board member helps present student issues and enables positive communication among the students, the administration and the BOG. If you would like more information on Student Senate, contact the Student Life Coordinator on your campus.

Residence Hall Assistants

Resident Assistants are live-in positions (in student housing) designed for exceptionally mature students who have the interest, skills and time necessary to perform assigned duties and assist in the development of the SCC Residence Life program. Resident Assistants are presented with unique opportunities for personal development and are trained in the areas of peer advising and referral, leadership, interpersonal communication, programming, team-building, community development, and administration. If you would like more information on becoming a Resident Assistant, contact your campus Residence Life Office.

Campus Information, Services & Resources

Campus Store

The College operates and manages a Campus Store for the purchase of textbooks, supplies, educational aids, apparel, gifts, and other items on the Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford campuses. Textbooks, (including e-books) both new and used, are available to rent or purchase. Books also are available to purchase online at www.sccbookstore.com.

Students attending Education Square in Lincoln can pre-order books for pickup or free delivery. Students enrolling in online courses should pre-order their books a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the term at www.sccbookstore.com.

The Campus Store offers a book rental and a buyback program for used textbooks. Buyback is generally at the end of the term. Normal business hours are compatible with most class schedules. The Campus Store accepts cash, checks, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover credit cards.

For more information, visit www.sccbookstore.com/.

Café/Cafeteria Services

The College provides food and vending services to students, staff and the public on the Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford campuses. Catering services are available by special arrangement through the cafeteria/food service management. The food service spaces on the campuses are an opportunity for students to respectfully gather, study together, relax and enjoy great food. When using our spaces, be mindful of messes, bus your own trays and help keep our spaces clean and ready for the next guest. For more information, including hours of operation, visit  www.southeast.edu/foodanddining/.

Contract Food Service: All student housing contracts include a meal plan. Room and board contracts are signed for each term. Contracts are considered to be in effect until expired or terminated. If a student cancels their housing contract during the term, their food service contract also is canceled on the same date. Refund rates are defined on the contract. Cafeteria contracts are available for students living off campus.

The meal plan is mandatory. Residence Life students cannot opt out per our contract. If students have food allergies or sensitivities, the food service manager is trained to accommodate those needs. The first step in requesting those accommodations is to reach out to the Food Service Manager for your location.


The Beatrice Storm Center Dining Hall is located near Homestead Hall and provides contract food service, as well as non-contract meals for visitors, staff and guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served Monday through Friday, and a brunch on Saturday and Sunday.


The Lincoln Campus at 8800 O St. offers multiple food options, including the upscale dining experience at Course Restaurant www.southeast.edu/course/, fresh-roasted coffee and pastries at Course Ground Coffee premiere coffee shop www.southeast.edu/course-ground-coffee/, or hot sandwiches, pizza and daily specials at the Course Grill.


The cafeteria is located in the G. Alan Dunlap Center and provides contract food service as well as non-contract meals for visitors, staff and guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served Monday through Thursday, and breakfast and lunch on Friday. Food service is not available on Saturday and Sunday.

The cafeteria on each campus is operated by a private contractor and is managed by their personnel. The manager has the right to refuse service to individuals who ignore or fail to comply with established standards of good health, conduct, appearance, and dress. Students who fail to follow cafeteria rules or procedures may risk suspension of their meal plan without refund.

Library Resource Centers

The Library Resource Centers (LRC) provide a number of resources and services to SCC students and staff to encourage scholarly research and promote lifelong learning. The LRCs provide a quiet and comfortable space for individual study, as well as space for collaborative group work. Computers with internet access are available, as well as wireless internet access for personal devices. Access to resources for scanning, printing and color copying are also available.

The LRCs offer access to many digital resources that are available on campus and remotely. LRC digital resources are accessible through The Hub by selecting “Library (LRC)” in The Hub menu. The LRC provides access to academic databases and research resources, e-books, digital magazines, academic streaming video, and access to citation tools. In addition to digital resources, the LRCs also provide access to print resources such as books, magazines and newspapers. Materials not owned by the LRC can be borrowed from another library through Interlibrary Loan. A valid student ID is required to check out materials.

In addition to research materials, the LRC also provides access to library professionals who can assist with learning how to navigate and use library resources individually or in a classroom setting. LRC staff is available to provide orientations and guidance with student research in the classroom by appointment. LRC hours, contact information and online catalogs are available at www.southeast.edu/libraryresourcecenters/.

Driving on Campus/Parking Permits

Parking is available to students free of charge on each campus. The Beatrice, Milford and 8800-Lincoln campuses require all students, faculty and staff register their vehicle and display a parking permit sticker if parking in campus parking lots. Parking permits are provided free to enrolled students. All students, staff and visitors are asked to comply with established driving or parking areas in designated spaces as described except as expressly permitted by signs. Please comply with posted campus speed limits and all state and local traffic regulations for your safety and that of the campus community. To ensure the safety of your vehicle and its contents, please lock your vehicle, remove valuables or keep out of sight and carry appropriate insurance coverage. Major repair of vehicles on campus is not permitted. Inoperable vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense if remaining on campus property for an unreasonable length of time. Please contact Campus Safety/Security if you have an inoperable vehicle on campus.

For more information, visit www.southeast.edu/parkingatscc.

Some parking spaces are reserved and designated for persons with disabilities. Parking in these designated areas requires a special restricted permit. Violators are subject to substantial fines and/or towing at the owner’s expense. Please refer to the specific campus parking information or the website for further information.

Temporary (Restricted) Permit

A temporary restricted parking permit may be obtained through the Physical Plant Office or Student Affairs on your campus. A doctor’s statement stating the need is required. No fee is required.

  • Beatrice: Student Affairs, Kennedy Center, 402-228-8210
  • Lincoln: Physical Plant, 402-437-2570
  • Milford: Physical Plant, 402-761-8253

Parking Permits

Beatrice Campus

Parking Permits

  1. All faculty, staff and enrolled students who use the parking lots are required to display a parking permit.
  2. Permits are issued at the Welcome Center located in the Kennedy Center at no charge.
  3. Designated parking lots are assigned for students residing in residence halls. Students must park in the assigned parking lot(s). Failure to do so will result in a fine. Failure to move after receiving a fine may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.
  4. No vehicle is permitted to occupy more than one stall. Improper parking will result in a fine.
  5. Students using parking lots with angled parking stalls are not permitted to move ahead into a stall that faces against the flow of traffic. Students parking against the flow of traffic will receive a fine.
  6. General student parking is not allowed in the following designated areas and will result in a fine:
    • Visitor parking
    • Handicapped parking (without visible permit)
    • Designated NO PARKING or restricted zones
    • Service entrances
    • Designated parking for staff or College vehicles
    • No Overnight Parking: Overnight parking is prohibited in certain marked parking lots after midnight


Parking in a restricted permit-only stall without a visible and valid permit/license plate may result in a fine of up to $100 and the potential to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

  1. General parking fines may be paid at the Business Office located in the Kennedy Center. Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  2. Failure to pay fines will result in a hold placed on your account which could affect your ability to register for future terms as well as the ability to receive an official transcript.
  3. Students who have repeated parking violations and unpaid fines may be subject to having their vehicle towed at their expense plus the expense of the violation.

Snow Removal Parking Regulations

  1. North (Homestead) parking lot: The snow will first be removed from the east end of the north parking lot. The day after it snows, all Homestead Hall residents will be required to move their vehicles to the east end of the lot by 10:30 a.m., but not until the snow has been removed from the east end. After the west end of Homestead parking has been cleared of snow, students may move their vehicles back but not before 10:30 a.m.
  2. Eisenhower/Roosevelt/Kennedy/Washington parking lot: The day after it snows, all Eisenhower/Roosevelt/Washington residents will be required to move their vehicles to the Truman Center parking lot by 10:30 a.m., but not until the snow has been removed from the Truman lot. After the snow has been removed from the Eisenhower/ Roosevelt /Kennedy/Washington parking lot, students may move their vehicles back, but not before 10:30 a.m.
  3. Vehicles not moved will be ticketed and, if necessary, towed at the owner’s expense.

Lincoln Campus

  1. All faculty, staff and enrolled students who use the parking lots are required to display a parking permit. Parking permits are free and valid for the student’s enrollment period.
  2. Permits are issued at the Campus Office (B4).
  3. No vehicle is permitted to occupy more than one stall. Improper parking can result in a fine.
  4. Students may park in any parking lot unless otherwise posted.
  5. A parking area for motorcycles is designated in both the south and north parking lots.
  6. Bike racks are available on campus.
  7. General student parking is not allowed in the following designated areas and will result in a fine:
    • Visitor, child care, Course restaurant parking
    • Spaces restricted or reserved for SCC Board of Governors meetings or other events
    • Handicapped Parking (without visible special permit) Violators are subject to substantial fines and/or towing at the owner’s expense
    • On-campus streets, drives, service drives or entrances
    • Designated NO PARKING zones
    • Restricted zones (without a visible permit or prior campus approval). Examples of restricted zones include visitor parking, production parking, loading/unloading zones, cafeteria staff parking, etc.
  8. Vehicles left overnight without prior approval are subject to tow. To obtain approval, call the Physical Plant, 402-437-2570.

Violation Fees

Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed, and violators will be required to pay parking fines. Repeat offenders’ vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense. Parking in a restricted permit-only stall without a visible and valid permit/license plate may result in a fine of up to $100 and the potential to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. Parking ticket fines must be paid prior to the deadline stated on the ticket and are payable at the Cashier’s Office. Failure to pay fines according to campus rules and regulations will result in an initiation of a Student Code of Conduct review.

Education Square - ESQ Parking (Downtown Lincoln)

Students attending classes at the Education Square location in downtown Lincoln may purchase i-Park cards for reduced parking rates. Contact the city of Lincoln Parking Office at 402-441-PARK.

Milford Campus

Parking Permits

  1. All faculty, staff and enrolled students who use the parking lots are required to display a parking permit on their vehicle.
  2. Students living in residential housing have designated parking permits.
  3. Parking permits are available on the day of class registration or from the parking office in the Physical Plant Building. Hours: 7:30-11:15 a.m. and 12:15-4:15 p.m.
  4. Parking permits must be affixed to the lower right side rear window. Parking stickers not properly installed are subject to revocation of the permit. Permits should not be transferred to another vehicle. Persons who have acquired a parking permit may receive a replacement permit if identifiable remnants of the original permit are presented to the Campus Physical Plant Office. Persons unable to comply with this requirement must submit an acceptable statement that the original permit has been destroyed and is not available. All violations incurred on the old permit will be charged to the original permit holder.
  5. Parking permits are valid for the student’s enrollment period.
  6. Temporary permits are available and valid for 10 school days. They must be visible before parking on campus.


  1. While driving on campus, each student is expected to follow the regulations and traffic policies established by the College, and all state and local traffic regulations.
  2. The speed limit on campus is 15 mph.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is reserved parking for visitors, prospective students, class speakers, companies and business interviewing, seminar and workshop participants, and training center participants. Staff and students are not allowed to park in the visitors’ lot. Violators will be ticketed.

Restricted Parking

Restricted parking areas are designated by signs. Parking in restricted areas is not allowed without prior campus administrative approval. Violators are subject to substantial fines and/or towing at the owner’s expense. General parking is not allowed in the following designated areas and may result in a fine:

  • Visitor parking
  • Handicapped parking (without a visible permit)
  • Designated NO PARKING zones
  • Restricted zones (without a visible permit or prior campus approval). Examples of restricted zones include production parking, loading/unloading zones, cafeteria staff parking, etc.
  • Service entrances

Violation Fees

Parking in a restricted, permit-only stall without a visible and valid permit/license plate may result in a fine of up to $100 and the potential to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. Parking ticket fines must be paid prior to the deadline stated on the ticket and are payable at the Business Office in Student Affairs. Failure to pay fines will result in an accounts receivable hold and may result in disciplinary action.

Students who have repeated violations will be subject to towing of their vehicle at their expense plus the expense of the parking violation. Towing charges will be paid by the violator to the towing service.

Other Regulations

  1. Inoperable vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense if on campus property for an unreasonable length of time.
  2. Major mechanical work is not allowed on campus or in parking areas.
  3. Responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not an acceptable excuse for violation of parking regulations.
  4. Operation of snowmobiles on all College property is prohibited.
  5. All vehicles must be removed from campus over the winter and summer breaks.
  6. No vehicle is allowed to occupy more than one stall. Please park between the lines. Improper parking will result in a citation and fine.

Winter Parking (Nov. 1-March 31)

  1. All vehicles parked overnight (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) are to be parked in the designated Winter Parking Area - sections B, C, and D or the crushed rock area.
  2. No vehicles are to remain in the faculty/staff parking lot overnight. Faculty and staff who are off-campus overnight with a College vehicle are to park their personal vehicles in the parking area to the east of the Physical Plant Building.
  3. Production vehicles, where the work is completed and being held for payment and pickup, are to be parked in the enclosed production storage area or if space is not available, parked west of the Physical Plant building. Other production vehicles parked along Welsh Street are to be parked to the east end of the street.
  4. Vehicles left overnight in undesignated parking areas will be ticketed and subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

Personal Transportation Devices (Skateboards, Hoverboards, Roller Blades, Bicycles, Scooters)

The College allows the use of bicycles, skateboards and scooters in a safe and courteous manner as a method of transportation on campus. Performing acrobatic maneuvers on bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or other like equipment is prohibited. The use of personal transportation devices is not allowed inside any College building or residence hall. Students found violating this rule or causing property damage will be subject to fines and replacement or repair costs. The use of hoverboards is banned on campus.

SCC is not responsible for any bodily injury, loss or damage to any property occasioned by the use of any personal transportation device. Any damage or loss of property or injuries on campus should be reported to the Safety and Security and reported via the Complaints & Concerns Reporting site. Bicycles are not permitted inside SCC buildings. Bicycle racks are provided at various locations on campus.

Campus Alerts, Cancellations & AnnouncementsAlert Icon Image

SCC partners with Regroup to offer a means of alerting the campus community of both
emergency and routine notifications via text or email. Regroup messaging is available to
all staff, faculty and enrolled students. This system will disseminate notifications, timely
emergency alerts and weather announcements via text message, email and voice

For more detailed information or to sign up for alerts, visit southeast.regroup.com/. (See
also Emergency Response Notification)

Weather and Other Campus Cancellations

Only the Campus Director or a designated representative can authorize the cancellation of College programs and activities or announce the cancellation to the news media. It can be assumed that campus programs, classes and services will be held as scheduled if no announcement is made through the news media, Regroup emergency messaging, or the public website. Because the weather in Nebraska can vary, each campus will announce cancellations separately.

Hazardous driving conditions do not automatically mean classes will be canceled. However, travel for students is not recommended or encouraged if there is a question of being able to reach the class location safely.

Students should use good judgment in making travel decisions and are required to coordinate absences with their instructors.

When individual Continuing Education classes are canceled, the decision will be made with the approval of the Continuing Education director or division dean. If an individual class is canceled, the instructor or member of the Continuing Education Division will notify students. Makeup or rescheduling of individual classes or programs will require the approval of the Continuing Education director or division dean.

When weather or other conditions necessitate a cancellation, the following procedure is followed as often as possible, given the nature of changing weather conditions:

  • Daytime programs and services: A decision will be made and announced by 5 a.m.
  • Evening programs and services: A decision will be made and announced by 4 p.m.

Regroup Emergency Text Messaging

To receive emergency notifications via text message, sign up at southeast.regroup.com/signup. You can elect to sign up for other campus locations or groups other than your home campus location.


See www.southeast.eduthehub.southeast.edu, or Facebook© for inclement weather and closing information. Also, sign up for Regroup text messaging alerts.


Channel 10-11 KOLN-KGIN TV, Lincoln and Channel 8 KLKN TV, Lincoln


  • Beatrice 402-228-3468: A recorded message will update you on the status of classes.
  • Lincoln 402-437-2405: A recorded message will update you on the status of classes.
  • Milford 402-761-8400: A recorded message will update you on the status of classes.


  • Beatrice stations notified: KWBE 1450 AM
  • Lincoln stations notified: KBBK 107.3 FM, KFGE 98.1 FM, KFOR 1240 AM, KFRX 106.3 FM, KIBZ 104.1 FM (THE BLAZE), KLIN 1400 AM, KLMS 1480 AM, KRKR 95.1 FM, KTGL (THE EAGLE) 92.9 FM, KZKX 96.9 FM, KFAB 1110 AM.
  • Milford stations notified: KFOR 1240 AM, KFRX 106.3 FM, KIBZ 104.1 FM (THE BLAZE), KZKX (96-KX) 96.9 FM, KFGE 98.1 FM, KTGL (THE EAGLE) 92.9 FM.

Public Address System

In Milford, announcements of extreme importance are broadcast over the College public announcement system at 8 a.m. Emergency announcements are made when necessary.

Late-Start Procedure (10 a.m. start time)

If a campus should have a 10 a.m. start time, classes will begin with any class which has a start time of 10 a.m. or later. Any classes which start prior to 10 a.m. will not be held on that day. The regular class schedule will be followed starting at 10 a.m. for that day.

Child Care

Lincoln Campus

The Child Development Center located on the Lincoln Campus provides SCC students with priority status for developmental childcare. A professional staff provides care and education for the Center’s children, ages 6 weeks to kindergarten. Since children enroll on a first-come, first-served basis according to age groups, early contact is advised. The Center offers full-time and part-time options.

The U.S. Department of Education CCAMPIS grant provides a limited number of scholarships for eligible students for the following childcare services.

  • Summer Camps available June-August for children ages Post K-age 11.
  • Adventure Mini-Camps for children ages 5-11 during the school year for specified days that the Lincoln Public Schools are not in session.
  • Children 6 weeks-kindergarten
    For more information, visit www.southeast.edu/childdevelopmentcenter/.

Beatrice and Milford Campuses

Childcare is not available on the Beatrice or Milford campuses, however, we assist students to locate services available in the community. Contact the Student Affairs Office for more information.

Children on Campus

It is the goal of SCC to provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students and a safe and effective workplace for all faculty and staff. Children may visit certain College offices and facilities for limited periods of time when their parent or guardian is conducting routine business at the College. However, regular repeated visits by children are not permitted. At no time may a child age 16 and under who is not a currently enrolled SCC student be left unattended on campus, including in a campus building, on campus grounds, or in a vehicle. Children must be under the direct supervision of a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult at all times while on campus. Parents, legal guardians, or responsible adults of children considered disruptive or unsupervised will be asked to remove the children from the campus.

In exceptional instances, extenuating circumstances may arise when students wish to bring minor children with them to campus. Upon such rare occasions, with the instructor’s advance permission, children may be allowed into the classroom, but they must remain under the direct supervision of the student and shall not be permitted to disrupt the learning environment or the instructor has the right to ask the student and their child to leave. For staff/faculty offices, children are allowed at the discretion of the faculty or staff person. Permission should be granted only for rare occasions due to a temporary, unforeseen emergency or circumstance. Children are not allowed in the classroom in the following situations:

  • As an alternative to procuring regular childcare (e.g., infant care or childcare during summers, holidays or after regular school days); or
  • When the child is too ill to attend regular childcare or school.

Children are allowed in the Student Center, Library Resource Center and cafeteria spaces but must be in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult at all times. Children are not permitted in the Testing Center. Children may not use the technology resources in the LRC, and no student should use their User ID to log into a computer so that a child can have access to and use it.

Facilities Use

When scheduled and supervised in accordance with the Facility Use Guidelines and campus rules and regulations, College facilities are available for use by recognized student organizations, clubs, community businesses, and agencies. Campus Directors, or their designee, process all requests and approvals for the use of College facilities. The College reserves the right to require any organization, agency or business requesting use of College facilities to provide proof of adequate liability insurance, which includes SCC as an additional named insured. Facility Use Guidelines can be obtained from the Campus Director or Designee.

Lost and Found

Each campus has a lost and found where individuals can report or turn in items or articles. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each term.

  • Beatrice: Switchboard, located in the Student Center
  • Lincoln: 8800 O St. Campus: Information Desk/Switchboard
  • Education Square: Room 112
  • Milford: Student Affairs Office in the Eicher Technical Center


Notary services are available free of charge for SCC students and employees.

Beatrice Campus notaries are located in the Welcome Center of the Kennedy Center.

Lincoln Campus notaries are located in the following locations:

  • Area Office - Entrepreneurship Center, 301 S 68th ST
    • President’s Office
  • Main Campus - 8800 O St.
    • Financial Aid Office B28
    • Health Sciences Office 232B
    • Paramedic Program 120H
    • Student Avising Office B7
    • Early Childhood D9

Milford notaries are located in the Student Affairs Office.

Student I.D. Cards

Students who are currently enrolled at SCC can obtain a free SCC photo identification card (ID) by presenting a copy of their class registration form. Free initial photo identification cards are available for each student for use on campus in the LRC, Business Office, Campus Store, entry to College activities, entry to certain buildings/classrooms, etc.

Photo IDs are not transferable. Any student requesting a replacement photo ID card within the first year of its issuance date will be charged a $5 fee. A new ID card would be issued without the $5 replacement charge for students returning to school after a year’s absence and for students needing an ID for clinical.

Students transferring to a different campus would be considered new students and would not be charged for a replacement ID card. Photos can be taken at these locations during regular business hours or as announced.

  • Beatrice: Welcome Center
  • Lincoln: Information Desk/Switchboard
  • Milford: Advising and Assessment Office

Solicitation on Campus

Solicitation on campus grounds, including residence halls or students’ residences, is prohibited. Commercial vendors, authorized by the Campus Director and invited by an authorized designee of the College, are exempt and allowed to supply necessary items at times, places and in a manner determined by campus administration.